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Welcome to Girl Flip!

Welcome to the Girl Flip community where our mission is to promote women in the building trades by creating opportunity, awareness, education, and stability for women in non-traditional roles.


Join our community and help us educate, empower, and support women in construction.


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Gender Segregation in Construction is a REAL thing.

Did you know that women make up 51% of the population, yet there are less than 2% of women working in construction? Girl Flip’s intention is to flip that statistic by empowering women to stake their claim as electricians, carpenters, general contractors, plumbers, architects, and engineers.

Women in construction often face harsh discrimination. Employment and compensation inequality are just some of the symptoms brought on by this discrimination, but together, we can obliterate these conditions and relegate them to the past. How?

Educate. Empower. Support.

By shining the light on the problem and then offering up its viable and proven solution: Hire women in construction! Support these highly-skilled, smart, and strong women for your next construction, renovation, or repair job.


Increase the value of your home and transform your space into a treasured sanctuary by hiring Girl Flip! Some of our most popular services include:

Home Renovations
Home Repairs
Interior Design
Girl Flip Construction - License #1089370

Creating space. Building community. 

Contact us! Join our community. Tell us about your triumphs, your challenges. Pose your questions. Share ideas. Be a part of the Girl Flip community, powered and poised for change in the building trades. Switching the Flip!

​We build dreams. We empower women.

Our team is always on the lookout for women crew members. If you are in the Los Angeles area and a female electrician, plumber, carpenter, welder, or framer please reach out!


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