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Introducing Utility Babe, the Everything Belt by Girl Flip!

Girl Flip is all about ‘switching the flip’ on things we’ve been conditioned to think are a certain way or for an assumed purpose. So it makes perfect sense that our superior utility belt isn’t anything like your average tool belt. It’s so much more. It’s everything!

Which is how we came up with the title, “Utility Babe, the Everything Belt.”

Our utility belts aren’t just for DIY projects. Hair stylists, make-up artists, event planners, gardeners, painters, waiters, and teachers have never looked as chic as they do wearing the Utility Babe. Imagine having easy access to daily items on your hip and at your fingertips without having to dig, shuffle, or take your eyes off your client or project! Everything is right there – where and when you need it.

We created this unique utility belt by combining the elements of style from a handbag, the functionality and flexibility of a fanny pack and the durability of a tool belt to bring you Utility Babe, the Everything Belt.

The possibilities are endless – just like you.

What’s in your Utility Babe? We want to know!

Girl Flip: Creating Space. Building Community. Empowering Women.

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