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Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us at Girl Flip!

Thanksgiving is coming up and I was thinking about all the wonderful things I’m so grateful for. All the special people in my life that fill up my heart – so many to count and name and hold close. My wife Beth, who is the love of my life, whom I met by chance while she was traveling from Colorado. My son, Ethan, who’s so brilliant, creative, and soulful, and our magical little unicorn – our 9-month old baby, Emma Jane.

I’m incredibly grateful for my family and friends and all the support from so many women who are lifting Girl Flip up and helping me to shine a light for women in construction. This adventure just keeps growing and it never ceases to thrill and amaze me.

Girl Flip has brought together so many incredible women in real estate and the building trades – from interior designers to real estate agents, to architects, engineers, general contractors, stagers, space cleansing-energy healers, and women who are just badass in their field – all up against a male- dominated industry, whatever that is.

This experience of watching Girl Flip grow, change, and take shape is like a cosmic dream of fairy dust and rainbows that have come together on this mission to help our next generations of women soar beyond the constraints of our cultural norms. Sometimes, I just have to pinch myself because my life is so blessed.

I’m grateful for the little things, too. I think about writing on my computer right now, sitting in my office with my built-in desk that was custom made by my master carpenter. I’m feeling grateful for my 400 amp upgraded panel and all the hard work that went into creating enough energy to power my house. All the details and the permits and all the changes through plan check and how many humans were involved in bringing power to the light that shines on my keyboard. We take for granted the little things; the windows that bring in the fresh air that was manufactured and installed, the flooring we walk on with ½ cork underlayment to cushion our step, the insulation in the walls to make sure we stay warm. I’m fascinated by the blood, sweat, and tears that go into building shelter for us to lay our heads down at night and feel so grateful we have a home to call our own.

Wherever you lay your head this holiday season, I wish you the gift of gratitude, for the big, the little, the mundane, and all the magic life brings us each day.

Happy Thanksgiving, from my heart and home to yours.


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