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Want to sell but need repairs?

Let Girl Flip fix it and list it! Work with a Girl Flip affiliate realtor in combination with our team of experts and get the White Glove treatment. We invest in your home by covering your renovation costs upfront. Get top dollar for your house with our Pay at Closing Plan, which allows home owners the opportunity to compete in the real estate market like a pro! 


We build dreams!

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With Girl Flip renovations, we guarantee that your home will sell for more than you ever dreamed!

Ring the bell to apply for the White Glove treatment today!

Landscaping Before.jpg
Landscaping - Before Pix
Closet Before.jpg
Master Closet - Before Pix
Master Bathroom (A) Before.JPG
Master Bathroom - Before Pix
Landscaping After.jpg
Landscaping - After Pix
Closet After.jpg
Master Closet - After Pix
Master Bathroom (B) After.jpg
Master Bathroom - After Pix
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