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Creating space. Building community. 


Girl Flip is a movement – to create, support, and employ women in non-traditional jobs. 

Created by serial entrepreneur and CEO, Erica Anenberg, Girl Flip is comprised of a team of expert women professionals working in the field of real estate and development who are committed to shining the light on women in the building trades.


“I have a vision for future women generations. I believe there will be a day when women infiltrate these non-traditional professions, and our fathers will teach our daughters how to build and create. There will be a day when it’s not a big deal to see a woman welder, trucker, pilot, or auto mechanic – with equal opportunity and equal pay. Girl Flip offers a safe space for women who are in the building trades, to lift each other up, to support and grow the cause, and to create more opportunities for each other.”

–Erica Anenberg, CEO


Girl Flip is on a mission to repair and rebuild the antiquated

perceptions of what’s possible for women.

Typically, young girls aren’t taught to believe that they can be carpenters, plumbers, or electricians. In reality, the saying holds true, “Anything boys can do, girls can do better.” When we are taught to believe we can do anything, we can, and we’ve proven this fact over and over.


We know it takes a village. We support organizations like:

Switch The Flip

Innovative and intuitive thinking leads to big results. There are so many ways to switch the way you flip – whether it’s a home, a remodel project that’s gone stagnant and over budget or an old belief that’s just not working for you anymore. That’s what progressive communities do – they grow, support, and change with the needs of the community.

Work with us and become instrumental in ending employment gender segregation in construction.

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